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Mitrafoods, established on the 28th of September 1986, is a company that prepares and processes light food and beverages. The very first product, honey roasted peanuts, were packaged in transparent plastic wrappers and labelled Mr.P, with P short for "Peanut". Mr.P is a brand name chosen to be easily remembered by the consumer and directly identifiable with the product.

To satisfy customer's tastes, Mitrafoods have developed its range of products and variety of flavours, along with enhancing its quality control in the manufacturing processes to continuously improve our product quality.

In 1989, Mr.P products were marketed in high quality aluminium foil wrapping and have redesigned its packaging to a more modern attractive appearance. Mr.P have also expanded its product's varieties and flavours to include cashew nuts, coated peanuts and peanuts in shell. These nuts are available in honey, chili, garlic, salted, chicken union, barbequed corn, hot spice, and barbequed beef.



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